Sustainability Goals

Conventional food distribution is responsible for 5 to 17 times more CO2 than local and regionally produced food. Vicinity’s customers can rest easy knowing they are making a difference just by shopping with us because we prioritise locally produced food.

As a new company we have ambitious plans to become carbon neutral in our delivery and warehouse operations as soon as possible and we’re transparent about this journey. Follow our blog and social media to stay updated on our progress.

Vicinity mindfully chooses local products. From regenerative farming to organic skincare lines, we work with great local Producers who truly care about our local and global environment. Vicinity supports them in their sustainability journey and encourages all our Producers to go above and beyond.

When it can’t be found locally, we also source items, such as spices, from the nearest possible supplier who shares our ethical and sustainability standards. We do this so you can still enjoy the convenience of doing your grocery shop in one place. We always try to source products locally first before looking elsewhere and support local Producers to fill in the local gaps. It should be acknowledged that some stuff is better produced outside of Ireland in climates which require just the sun (and no extra electricity) to grow.  

We encourage our customers to discover the joy of eating seasonally—fresher crispier fruit and vegetables packed full of nutrients without any of the air-mile carbon baggage. Discover the best recipes, meal-plans, and storage tips for fresh seasonal produce on our blog and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Vicinity delivers items in brown cardboard boxes made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper. Chilled items are kept in the chilled section of our warehouse and delivery van for preservation. Please return your box to your delivery driver with your next delivery so they can be reused again and reduce waste.

We try our best to be thoughtful about the packaged products we sell. We consult with the local rubbish collectors and can you know how to recycle or dispose of the wrapping responsibly in your area. We’re always on hand to help our Producers source more sustainable options and send them customer feedback. Look out for our Plastic Free and Compostable badges indicating products packed without plastic or in compostable packaging! Many of our Vicinity Badges reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Vicinity commits to positively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals wherever we have agency. In particular, we believe we can positively impact Goals 8, 11, 12, 13 & 15. 

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