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Size: 5-6 oz, Portion: 2

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Quality is central to everything we do at Kish Fish. Our absolute commitment to premium quality means that we scour the ports and the fishing industry, looking for boats and crews that treat fish properly from the moment it leaves the sea.

No effort is spared to ensure that every item we handle enters and leaves our premises in premium condition. Kish’s quest for quality begins before we even see the fish.

Our processing facilities

In 2008 we moved into our new purpose built processing facility and operate a safe food management system based on the principles of HACCP which includes full traceability from net to table. We also hold an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

All our fish is traceable through our labelling system, where the batch number, catchment area, product method, pack date and best before date are all visible.

We care about sustainability at Kish Fish

We implement sustainable and responsible sourcing principles throughout our operation. Kish Fish only purchases from operators who utilise responsible practices and fish within internationally agreed fishing quotas and who are licensed by the relevant authorities. We are committed to responsible sourcing and sustainability, and are also a member of Responsible Irish Fish; this allows us to meet today’s needs while protecting tomorrows.

Origin Green

We are an Irish producer with verified sustainability commitments. See more at

BIM Seafood Capital Investment Scheme

Kish Fish is delighted to participate in the Capital Seafood Investment Scheme which is supported by Bord Iascaigh Mhara and the European Union as part of our mission to ensure top quality for all our customers. The scheme aims to encourage innovation, enhance scale and competitiveness in industry, and provide capital investment in new technologies.

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