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Colombian Tolima Sugar Cane Process


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Colombian Tolima Sugar Cane Process

Process: Washed

Taste Profile; Fruits, Milk Chocolate, bright acidity.

Roast level; Medium.

Ideal for espresso, Aeropress, Cafetiere (french press) drip coffee.

Who says decaf has to be a compromise? Well, me until I tasted this coffee!

Catherine, the head roaster at Brady’s coffee, has worked hard on bringing you this delicious well-balanced coffee. Decaf is hard to roast as it does not act like a normal coffee due to the process it has gone through, but Catherine has extensive experience with tricky coffees form roasting our barrel-aged whiskey coffee.

Brady’s coffee is roasted here in Wicklow and delivered weekly so you can always be sure the coffee you receive is perfectly fresh.

The method used to decaffeinate with Ethyl Acetate is an FDA approved chemical-free process in which no additions of foreign substances come in contact with the coffee. The original aroma and flavour characteristics from the coffee remain even after 97% of the caffeine is gone, along with any residual Ethyl Acetate beyond the roasting process*

*Source Interamerican Coffee.

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