10kg Bale of (12) PiniKay Heat Logs


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Introducing our First 100% ‘Packaging Free’ Product!

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Branding is great, but sustainability is more important to us. This is why we have launched this minimal packaged product; the PiniKay Heat Log.

The PiniKay Log is small and compact with both a smokeless and carbon-neutral classification. Made from a combination of compacted Oak and Beech sawdust the PiniKay log ignites quickly and gives off an intense heat. Packaged only with polypropylene straps (which are widely recyclable) the PiniKay Heat Log is the most environmentally sustainable product we offer in EcoFuel.

Product Information

High Energy Generated 18.5 MJ/kg

Pallet Dimensions 0.92m X 1.15m X 1.05m

Net Weight Per Pack 10kg

Moisture Level between 4-5%

Log Length 20cm, Diameter 6.5cm

12 Logs per 10kg bundle

Recommended For:

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Wood Burning Ovens

Open Fires

Recommended Use:

To get the PiniKay logs to ignite we suggest using our Kiln Dried kindling and a Waxie firelighter initially. When your kindling flames up place 2-3 PiniKay logs on the fire. After your fire burns out you can use the left-over ash with compost as a garden fertilizer.


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