Mission, Vision & Goals

Vicinity’s Mission

To empower local producers and consumers to connect and transact with peak convenience and transparency.

Vicinity’s Vision

To help communities and people thrive sustainably.

Vicinity’s Goals

  • We aim to make shopping locally convenient.
  • We help people reinvest in their local economy while buying daily essentials.
  • We help people align their purchasing power with their values.
  • We compensate local Producers fairly.
  • We aim to support the Vicinity community of Producers and foster connections between them.
  • As we grow, we aim to reinvest in our local Producers and entrepreneurs to fill gaps in the local economy and support sustainability initiatives. 
  • We aim to help the local community become more economically stable and happier as a result. 
  • We don’t want our customers to have to compromise their values for convenience.
  • We want to help build thriving happy communities.

Vicinity’s Motto is Shop Local. Thrive Local.

Vicinity seeks to positively impact the triple bottom line of the local economy.


Local community is everything to us. A community’s level of social well-being and civic participation is directly related to the share of its economy held by local businesses. People are happier when they buy from people they know. Vicinity really wants you to know your local Producers. Check out each Producer information page to learn more about them, ask questions, follow them on social media and start a conversation. Some of our Producers are even open to visitors so you can go say hi in person.


Conventional food distribution is responsible for 5 to 17 times more CO2 than local and regionally produced food. We don’t stop there though. See our sustainability goals for more information on how Vicinity considers sustainability at every step.


When local Producers profit, the local economy and community profits. Local business generates 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than large retailers. How so you ask? You invest your money by shopping locally with Vicinity. Producers buy from their neighbours and create employment. Vicinity reinvests in local Producers and the community. And the local economy circle continues.

Vicinity’s Values:

Actions speak louder than words. That’s why we use Values Badges to help you navigate your shop based on social and environmental values that are important to you and to us.  People who align purchasing behaviour and their values feel happier and because Vicinity makes it convenient you can relax more. We even encourage having some fun playing Values Badge Bingo or Pokemon Go (gotta collect ‘em all) with our badges to see how many great things you can support just buying essential groceries. 🙂 

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