Vicinity Badges

Actions speak louder than words. That’s why we use Vicinity Badges to help you navigate your shop based on social and environmental values that are important to you and to us.  People who align purchasing behaviour and their values feel happier and because Vicinity makes it convenient you can relax more. We even encourage having some fun playing Badge Bingo or Pokemon Go (gotta collect ‘em all) with our badges to see how many great things you can support just buying essential groceries 🙂 


The packaging around this item is made from plant-based material that is commercially compostable and goes in your brown bin. Shop Compostable.

Drug Free 

This animal was reared free of antibiotics, antimicrobials, growth hormone or veterinary pharmaceuticals that are often abused in the farming industry to artificially boost growth or fat content. This is high-quality meat with a depth of delicious natural flavour. Shop Drug Free.

Female Owned

Female-run businesses empower our communities. Vicinity believes women deserve to make equal decisions about how the food and products we buy are produced to create a more balanced society. Shop Female Owned.

Free Roaming

This meat product comes from a farm that strives towards the highest animal welfare standards. Their animals live and roam free outdoors to provide excellent quality of life for them and the healthiest quality of meat for you. Shop Free Roaming.

Open To Visitors

Vicinity believes everyone should understand how products are grown or made. This producer loves to show off what they do. Contact them directly to arrange a visit and learn more about them. (Due to Covid-19 visits are currently paused)


This product is made from certified organic ingredients that’s great for the planet and for you! Shop Organic.

Plastic Free

You won’t find unnecessary plastic waste hugging this item. Shop Plastic Free.


This product comes from a farm that takes great care to protect the delicate ecosystem our soil provides. Regenerative farming aims to optimise soil health naturally without artificial fertiliser. Shop Regenerative.


This product comes has refills available when you run out. Shop Refillable.

Seasonal & Irish

This produce is in season and was grown right here in Ireland. The conventional food distribution system doesn’t incentivise Irish farmers to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables at huge environmental and local economic cost. Vicinity is campaigning to change the status quo and supports Irish farmers who dare to grow seasonal. See what’s in season right now!


Free of all animal products and animal cruelty. Rest assured. Shop Vegan.

You’ll also find external seals of approval like Bord Bia Quality Mark, Guaranteed Irish, Certified Fairtrade, FSC certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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