Producer Spotlight – Shines Tuna

Shines Ciara and John

John Shine of Shines Tuna

John Shine was a fisherman for 20 years before he hung up the net, and came ashore to help raise his young family. He now runs Shines Irish Tuna with his wife Marianne and his daughter, Ciara. They started the company having discovered the rare but delicious ‘Albacore’ tuna which they wanted to bring to the market. 

During the research stages of the business, John realised that all of the tuna caught off the coast of Ireland is shipped off to other markets. 

“We have the best albacore on our doorstep, but bring the cheapest canned skipjack in from the Far East, which means it had  massive carbon footprint. It didn’t make sense to me”

So he went about finding suitable partners for processing, canning and logistics to sell the high quality Shines Tuna to Irish consumers. He has daily contact with the fishing boats to ensure small nets are used and the fish are not damaged. 

John is often asked “What’s the best accompaniment for your tuna – mayonnaise?” and he laughs. “Just eat it as it is!”. And he’s right. Shines Tuna tastes better without any overpowering, masking sauces. On a salad or an open sandwich, you really will notice the difference. Albacore is a much milder tasting tuna – not as ‘fishy’ as what you may be used to. 

Vicinity are delighted to also be stocking the Shines Ventresca in Olive Oil, which is the best part of the tuna, known as ‘the fillet’ of the fish. Until recently this wasn’t available from an Irish producer but Shines brought it to the market in February 2020. We devoured it, straight from the tin, on Irish soda bread and it was incredible! A must try. 

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