Producer Spotlight – Tartine

Thibault Peigne of Tartine Organic Bakery making Bread

Thibault Peigne of Tartine Organic Bakery

While you may have discovered sourdough starters during lockdown, Thibault Peigne has been perfecting his organic sourdough loaf for over a decade.

The 2008 recession brought a lot of hardship and austerity, but also injected a wave of incredible energy into the Irish food scene. The recession pushed people, like business graduate Thibault, to re-examine their path and pursue their passion.

Thibault always knew he wanted to work with his hands and with finance jobs on shaky ground, the recession gave him the opportunity to finally satisfy this passion and choose a different path in life. At Vicinity we’re extremely glad he did and believe us, you will be too once you try his organic sourdough bread! 

As a child he was fascinated by the variety of rye, sourdough and spelt breads he tasted on holidays in Germany and intrigued by how different they were to the traditional French breads he was used to. He undertook an intensive baking course in Germany before returning to Ireland to work at the prestigious Caviston’s.

In 2012, after honing his craft for a few years, Thibault decided it was time to break out on his own and opened Tartine Organic Bakery. He originally set out to open a retail bakery, but took the decision to go wholesale when the opportunity arose to supply some of the top cafes and restaurants in Dublin. He has worked hard to grow his bakery and supply businesses in Dublin and beyond with freshly baked organic bread. He expanded his business and established a state-of-the-art bakery in Baldoyle which now also supplies organic pastries as well as bread.

Thibault has always had Ireland’s insatiable appetite for our beloved sandwiches at heart and set out to elevate the bread we use for them. He even suggests using it to add extra comfort to the most Irish of all sandwiches – the breakfast sandwich!

The choice of organic and sourdough bread was brave in the midst of a recession but his foresight allowed him to pioneer the trend that has become immensely popular. Thibault’s business sense didn’t just come from his degree in business though. Thibault’s family pioneered canned fish over a hundred years ago and still run the oldest canned fish factory in the world. So, what’s his favourite food to pair with his organic bread? Sardines of course!

Thibault has lived in South Africa, the UK, Germany and France but said he always was attracted to Ireland and knew he’d end up here. He originally moved to Ireland during the Celtic Tiger to work in finance but the weather in Fingal and its location by the sea reminded him of where he grew up and makes him feel at home. That might just make Thibault the only person to move to Ireland because of the weather and not despite it!

From the early morning pastry chefs and bakers right through to the delivery drivers in the wee hours, everyone plays a vital part in the process


Tartine use organic ingredients to create and supply deliciously fresh fully organic sourdough, pastries, and will soon be adding scones to their repertoire. The traditional process of bread making gives the bread a beautiful flavour, lovely crust and tender crumb.

All of the bread packaging is compostable and they have a diverse workforce who work day and night to supply their customers 7 days a week.

Tartine Organic Bakery in Baldoyle employs 30 local staff and uses 33,000 kgs of organic flour every month! That’s a lot of Local jobs and a mountain of delicious bread and pastries!

Try it for yourself and add a loaf of Thibault’s organic bread to your next Vicinity order.

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